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TOPIC: Our impressions in Romania

by Alberto Norfini, Marta Damele. Livorno, Italy


         First of all we have to say that this experience was fantastic! Before leaving, I never thought we could have so much fun and we would have known people so friendly and funny. In our opinion it was all nice and interesting, especially the trips to the Castle and to the Muddy Volcanoes. The visits to the Centers of Waste Water Treatment were good too.

         All the experiences were really nice and we liked everything we did. The school was really very well organized .. maybe even too much! every second we had something to do and everything was entertaining and informative. It was a little embarrassing when we had to present  the report of our river in “ Chioma  Valley “ and I hope we didn’t give a bad impression of ourselves!

         About the other people we met during the week Marta and I have to say that all the guys were very friendly and we became friend with each of them. We’re glad that even though the journey is finished, we can still stay in contact on social networks and we can talk and laugh all together.

         The thing we liked most were the evenings when we were all together and where everyone spoke only in English (even though we were from different countries)... It was so much fun!! But the best moments  were  when we sang at the karaoke, we played bowling and when we had some good pizzas too.

         To be honest the thing that Marta and I liked least was the length of the experience .. unfortunately it was only for ONE week!! It was really sad to leave all the new friends. It was very sad also when we had to say goodbye for the last time to the family that hosted us! We spent such a good time with all of them that we would have liked to take them with us in Italy! Ahahah (although we ate REALLY TOO MUCH during the week !!).

         We already said that we are  still in contact on facebook with all of the guys we met in Buzau, so we asked them what were the things that they liked the most and what they thought about the experience in general. Those are some answers:

  • I enjoyed the excursions and karaoke night party. there are too many dogs on the streets, but they are cute . :) beautiful nature . (ANNA FROM LATVIA)

ü  Karaoke evening, mountains and friendliest people in the project! it was amazing for me. (RENALLDA FROM LITHUANIA)

  • Friendliest people, amazing family, bowling :D


The karaoke night party, the new friends that I will never forget, the mountains. but in the negative stuff I hated so much the vulcanic mud in my shoes. I also think that was fun when some thought that I was 16 years old. (ALFONSO FROM SPAIN)

  • It was amazing and the people are very cool and we did lots of friends. (RAOUL FROM PORTUGAL)